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Trump Tower

Trump TowerThe complex machinery which powers Trump Towers, the world's tallest multi-residential building, is situated in a Mechanical room which spans half of the building 22nd floor, but occupants on the floors above and below these throbbing giants feel no vibration and are able to lead their lives in noiseless tranquility.

Mason East, Inc., representatives of Mason Industries, Inc., manufactures of noise and vibration control products, have been solving noise and vibration problems for Trump and other developers in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania since 1995. Their annual sales in the tristate area is $6 million. Mason Industries has been an industry pioneer for 50 years.

According to Doug Valerio, Owner/President of Mason East, without these design features, Trump tower and other hi-rise structures would contain uninhabitable, non-income generating floors. Our contract with the General Contractors Bovis Lend Lease and Mechanical Contractors Centrifugal Mechanical Associates was only 1%, or so, of the mechanical contract and money well spent to protect the rental space. When isolation is neglected, retrofits are extremely expensive and often not completely successful because of space limitations and inaccessibility. It's better to do it right the first time.

Trump was well aware of this and engaged Cerami & Associates, the Acoustical Engineers, to write a specification to achieve the best possible results. In the 22nd floor Mechanical Room, we isolated the suspended acoustical ceiling and piping from 2" deflection spring hangers to block the noise path to the 23rd floor, and we also isolated all mechanical equipment from the structure on steel frames and 2" deflection springs to protect the apartments on the floors below.

We isolated the second floor laundry rooms employing Mason Industries Jack-up Floor Slab System to provide a floating spring floor. Mason East provided the technology and equipment to isolate the rooftop cooling towers and associated piping as well.

Mason Industries, Inc. headquarters in Hauppauge, New York with a branch in Anaheim , California. In an interview with Norman J. Mason, President of Mason Industries, he stated 'Our products have been specified as the standard by consultants and architects throughout the world'. Mason products are built to provide the ultimate in vibration isolation and seismic restraint control. Our floating floor, wall and suspension ceiling systems are used to improve STC (Sound Transmission Class) and INR (Impact Noise Ratings) ratings.

In addition to a complete range of spring and rubber mountings, hangers and flexible connectors for mechanical equipment, we can provide computer analysis to diagnose snubbing systems in earthquake zones or design resilient systems where residence to bomb blast is required. When the occasion arises, we have isolated complete buildings from ground transmitted vibration.

Mason East, Inc., is located at 64-3 Brook Ave Deer Park, New York Doug Valerio can be reached by telephone at (631) 254-2240 or by fax at (631) 254-2199. For a more complete product information, specifications and installation guidelines visit their website at